Talise Seymour is a 15-year-old Secwepemc young lady who identifies as the 9th generation impacted by the Kamloops Indian Residential School. She was inspired by her great-aunt's words and decided to create a film about the trauma and resilience of residential school survivors, with the help of her family and a film crew. Talise presented her speech in high school classrooms, spreading awareness of Orange Shirt Day and the importance of hearing the voices of residential school survivors, including the intergenerational impact on their children and grandchildren. The project was created on a low budget and short notice but was driven by Talise's passion for sharing her ancestors' stories and honoring residential school survivors.
This is for our Residential School Survivors, we honor you.
This Promotional Video was created for 6 Cell Entertainment, that showcase the local Hip Hop Scene, and the beginning & growth of the group. 
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